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Most Windows Mobile 6.5 users start to notice their phones getting sluggish after a lot of texting or heavy use. This has been happening to me, so I went online and tried to find some way to fix this annoying problem. What I found was SPB Mobile Shell 3.5, which people say will fix the problem. There’s a 15 day trial, so I installed it and started doing some heavy texting. So far so good, but that was only yesterday.

I found SPB Mobile Shell easy to customize and it did seem to speed up my phone a bit. I was able to place the information I want ( calendar, weather, e-mail, missed calls, etc…) on my home screen. The SPB Mobile Shell address book is good for everything except searching for a specific person, so I changed the center button on my Omnia II to call up the Omnia address book. Although the address book and calendar are both skinned, e-mail and texting aren’t, which makes you feel as if you’re going back in time when using these functions.

So far I’m pleased with SPB Mobile Shell, now the software has 14 days left to convince me even further that it’s worth dishing out $29.95.

SPB Mobile Shell » Products » SPB Software


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