Sigil – Project Hosting on Google Code

I used Sigil today to design Sanguine by Zachary Wild and have to say that I was very impressed. The WYSIWYG worked fine, but I loved breaking into the code itself. Please keep in mind that Sigil really is not for people who don’t know XHTML, the OPF, CSS or anything at all about e-book design. Also keep in mind that it’s still being developed. It doesn’t do everything I wanted it to do, but what it does it does well. It made what was once a cumbersome job easy. The ePub validation worked well and eased my mind before porting the ePub to .mobi, .lit and other such formats.

Here are a few things I would like to see in Sigil:

  1. meta data support of ISBN, blurb and publisher name and info.
  2. drag-and-drop capabilities for image files.
  3. the ability to open the OPF

If you’re a new publisher looking for eBook design software, Sigil is worth a look. I will be using it for more of my eBook design needs. After all, it’s only going to get better.

Sigil – Project Hosting on Google Code

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