Kobo eBook reader for Android

The Kobo reader is the final of the big three eBook reader apps for Android that I would like to review. It has a nice import feature, which makes it easy to switch from the Nook, but not the Kindle because both the Nook and the Kobo read ePub files. The Kobo reader also has a fun game-like feature that tracks your reading habits and gives you awards for reading books. To me, features like this always feel gimmicky–which is why I prefer Yelp to Foursquare. While the Kobo makes it easy to open book discussions on Facebook only, the Kindle allows you to discuss your books on any social network you have on your phone (Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc…). The Kobo also displays all the covers in your library.

As for text, the Kobo renders text in a business letter style, with no indents and spacing between all paragraphs. The Kobo also does not have an option for justification, so all paragraphs have a ragged edge on the right. At first I figured this was something I could change by going into settings, but I could not change it. I want my paragraphs to have an indent with no space in between, like a physical book. Also, when I design books, I design for an indent. Not being able to change this really turned me off.

In short, of the three Android eBook Reader apps, I prefer the Kindle app. It’s easy to use, consistently renders books properly and makes social networking simple and available to all your social networks. The only downfall for the Kindle is its lack of ePub support. Sigh.

If you missed my reviews for the Nook and Kindle, you can read them here: http://ken-harrison.tumblr.com/post/7816008069/ebook-reader-apps-for-android

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