Google Currents: a good app that could be great

I’ve been using Google Currents for a few days now. The short of it is, I like it. It does need improving and some of the news aggregates (for lack of a better word) need to get with the program, although the techie mags seem to understand that people who use Currents do not want to go to their web site to read the rest of the article. it will be nice when the other vendors (is that a better choice than “news aggregates”) understand why people need an app like Currents for their phones.

As you know, an app that doesn’t allow sharing isn’t going to be that useful –sharing is the thing these days. And sharing in Currents is great…unless you want to share on Facebook. For some unknown reason (perhaps G+?) you have to go through a captcha image when you post to Facebook. Now, I post to Facebook all the time and don’t have to through an annoying captcha, so why do I have to do it in Google Currents? Sharing via Twitter and G+ works great. Sharing via Tumblr is only okay. For some reason the sharing in Tumblr comes out as a text and not a link, which is annoying to someone like me, who would love use Currents as a tool to keep up with this blog. Sigh. Luckily Feedback is easy to get to.

So, what can Google Currents do for publishing and small publishers? Imagine having a newsletter available to people looking for something new to read; a list of your current and backlist titles; author interviews, upcoming titles. It could be just one more way to keep people who like what you do informed, while keeping you up to date with what interests you.

Google Currents has a ways to go to be great, but if you’re looking for a way to feed news and your interests to you, it’s the way to go. Give it a try. And be sure to give Google your input by going to Setting > Feedback. Let them know what you want to see in Google Currents. You have a voice, use it.


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