Google Music is coming of age

When Google Music first went into beta, I downloaded the app and decided to give it a try. It felt clumsy and I didn’t want to download my music to the Google cloud, so promptly deleted it and went back to using Songbird. A couple of days ago I found myself thinking about Google Music and decided to give it another try. It’s now out of beta and feels a bit more complete. These are my thoughts thus far.

I like the simplicity of the screens and the ease of navigation. Moving from song to song, album to album or playing an entire genre in shuffle mode is easy. Having your music in the cloud and downloading the specific albums for playback on your device is such a nice feature. This saves bandwidth for people who don’t have unlimited data plans. I also have to say that uploading my music onto the cloud was a good idea. At first I did it to have a constant backup but now I see the beauty of having all your music available to you on any device running Google Music. 

As I began using the app, I found that it had simple features that were very useful. For instance, I stream my music to my car via bluetooth all the time, and when the car is off and the bluetooth connection is no longer, Music knows this and pauses my music, which is something Songbird doesn’t do and made be want to use Music more often.

It took me a while to find out how to manage my music via Google Music online, but once I did I was able to add album covers for albums that Google didn’t cover art for and swap out cover art that was low resolution for higher res images. I have to say that most Google Music covers are low resolution, which was a bummer. The ease of fixing metadata or adding missing metada for sings was great. Fix it in the cloud and it’s fixed on your devices. Now that is cool.

The only thing I miss in Google Music is the lack of a lock screen, which I’m hoping will come in time. An equalizer would also be nice, but I’ll take the lock screen first. It sucks to have to unlock your phone just to move the next or previous song.

If you’re going to use Google Music, I suggest following these steps:

  1. upload all your music to Google Music
  2. delete the music from your phone
  3. install Google Music app to your phone and set it up to use your Google account.

Google Music is a great way to listen and manage your music. It seems like I’ll be saying goodbye to Songbird.

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