Why Microsoft should make its own tablets – Computerworld

It’s funny how everybody is busy bashing Nokia and calling Windows Phone a failure, but they seem to have forgotten that both Nokia and Windows expected a loss the first time out. Perhaps not as large a loss, but they expected a loss all the same.

Now Microsoft is making their own tablets – along with other products – via third party vendors. Last year Microsoft decided to open a few of its own stores (like Apple), so the fact that they’re now deciding to make their own products (think of Android and the Nexus) should not be a surprise. So why are people pointing fingers and calling out as if they’re shocked by this news? Am I the only person who isn’t shocked by this?

The final thing I want to say about this article is that I’m hoping Microsoft does well with their products. These are important times in computing, which is going through its own evolution of sorts. I applaud Microsoft for looking into different business models and stitching together one that will work for them.

Why Microsoft should make its own tablets – Computerworld

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