Google Play Books

Who uses the Google Play Books eReader? If you read the reviews in the app section of Google Play, it seems some people do, although they have similar complaints: no dictionary and they can’t take notes. Some people speak up in Google’s defense and say that it’s a phone app, so there is need for those things, which they think will only bloat the app.

Really? The Nook app, Kindle app and Kobo app all have these capabilities. Not only that, but for some people, these things are a necessity. I would rather click on a word that don’t know to get the definition than have to Google it or use a second app to find out the meaning. So honestly, why won’t the Google Play Books app.

Aside from the lack of a dictionary or not having the ability to highlight sections of text, it also will not allow you to import books not purchased on Play. To me, that’s the worse part of. you’re stuck having to actually purchase your eBooks form Google. Not even Kindle does that.

Google Play Books uses ePub files, which makes the lack of importing eBooks even more troublesome. Does this mean that if I switch to using Play Books as my mobile eReader on the go I have to buy my library again?

Another thing I don’t like is the carousel. It’s not bad if you only have a few titles in your library, but what happens if you have more than that? it’s tedious to have to scroll through your titles to find the one you want. So you can then show your titles in list view, which means you have to scroll up and down to get the title you want. Tedious! I know, do a search (which is what Google is known for), but sometimes you want to go through your titles.

Why can’t they make it more like the Music app? Along the top can be recent, authors, titles, publishers, genres. You can scroll from one to the other, or just do a search. From there they can add a dictionary, the ability to highlight text and take notes and the ability to import ePub eBooks.

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