Tweetcaster will win you over

When I first started using Tweetcaster about a month ago, I wasn’t sure if I would stick with it. Honestly, it doesn’t have the most attractive UI ad I really did not looking at it. The only reason I stuck with it is because one of my Twitter followers told me it was the best Twitter app he’s ever used…or something like that. So I decided to give it a shot. Heck, it’s free.

At first I started picking through it like someone looking for something edible in an unsavory meal and found an area designated for My Retweets and Retweets of Me by Others. That was pretty cool since it gave me an idea of which Tweets hit home for people.

So that was cool, but was it enough to keep using an ugly app. Well, I wasn’t sure. I also liked the extra options Tweetcaster gave me. I can use the Zip It function to block a specific user (I have yet to use it) and have the ability to see who retweeted a specific tweet, or copy a tweet for later use. Try doing any of that with the stock Twitter app.

So I have to say that about after a week I was getting used to the unattractive app design and starting to enjoy the added benefits. Tweetcaster also has a great area where you can find out which topics are trending, who’s tweeting near you and find people to follow. The search function is also much more robust. Tap on the search icon and tell it where you want to search (Twitter, people or your own tweets).

The two things I liked most about Tweetcaster was thta it allws me to decide which tweets will also go to facebook and which won’t. The stock app takes an all or nothing approach to cross posting, but Tweetcaster allows you to choose from the post screen. Tweetcaster also allows you to compose a tweet to be posted at a later time. This is good if you want to tweet something and need another time zone to see it, or perhaps you have a title about to release and might be busy or en-rout elsewhere when it comes time to tweet it. That’s a function I can’t live without and stock Twitter does not support.

All in all, after a month of using Tweetcaster, I can’t imagine going back to the stock Twitter app. Tweetcaster turns a functional approach to social networking and makes it robust. In fact, Tweetcaster is everything Twitter should be.

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