Microsoft Windows 8 Review – CNET

I’m amazed by Microsoft these days. They have a nice phone that’s good for the non-geek user and have reinvented the Windows OS. And with this new OS, Windows 8, will come the end  of the desktop computer. Computers have become more portable and tactile, and Microsoft has decided to become innovative and move with the times, which is something that they have not been known to do. Microsoft has always played it safe, kept to old standards and left innovation to other people. But not now.

If you’ve been paying attention, people have been going nuts over the new Windows OS. People are adverse to change, but will come to see the benefits in time. The people who will probably be more comfortable with Windows 8 will be Windows Phone users, since the look and feel is similar to a device they already use, their cell phone.

So get ready, the future is coming and Microsoft is at the front of the line.

Microsoft Windows 8 Review – CNET

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