Office 2013 (Office 365) continued

I started to use Excel to do a spreadsheet for monthly sales. Before I picked up Office 365, I used Open Office Calc, which worked very well. Excel isn’t too different from Calc, but I’m only using very basic functions. I do have to say the only thing that was a bit annoying about Excel was not being able to insert spreadsheet files into the one I’m working on. In Calc, this is just a right click away. in Excel, you have to do a copy and paste. I know, it’s not a big deal, but I did find it annoying. I did find a an add-on that will merge Excel files, but you have to pay for it. Yeah, I can live with copy and paste.

As for having a bi-directional Google calendar in Outlook, it seems as if my only choice is to not have one or to pay for the privilege. Well, I’m not going to pay to do this when Thunderbird with Lightening will do it for me for free. That is if I decide to switch back after a month of using outlook.

So far I haven’t used anything in Office that will link one program to another. I know I can import information from my Access database into Excel, but I haven’t tried to do that yet. Also, the ability to do something like that is one of the things that made e want to use Excel. It might be nice to be able to have a spreadsheet that takes sales data from Access  give me a monthly sales spreadsheet.

I also haven’t used One Note yet. Keep in mind that I’m not a big note taker. Perhaps that will change in time. Who knows?

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