Razr HD v.s. Spectrum 2

PeblIt’s time for a new phone, which means I’ve been looking at phones for about a month (I know, I never really stop looking). I’ve been looking for the closest thing to a Nexus experience on Verizon, which got me looking at the Motorola Razr HD.

Ever since my awful experience with the Motorola Pebl years ago, I haven’t wanted to look at a Motorola phone. The Pebl was the worse phone I have ever owned and still gives me shivers when I think about it. The pebl would turn off in the middle of a phone call and ring at 14:00 every day despite no alarm being set. I exchanged it four times and it was never right. I was never so happy to get rid of a phone in my life and vowed never to won another Motorola phone again, then Google bought Motorola and I thought it might be time to look at at them again.

RazrThe Razr HD has everything I’m looking for in a phone: 4.7" HD screen, dual core processor, expandable memory and a non-plastic feel. I went to the Verizon store and put one in my hand and liked the feel and pep. Sure enough, this was the phone for me. Then I did a Google search and found out that it also has a random re-boot problem. Thoughts of the Pebl rushed back and I nearly puked. I read the XDA forums along with a few others and found that nobody really knows what’s causing the problem. Some think it’s hardware, others think it’s software and some have found that it’s from an app, while others think it could be from running too many apps. Well, that was enough to make me run from the Razr HD. Google motorola razr reboot issue and see what you get.

Spectrum 2 The phone I got after the dreadful Pebl was the LG Chocolate, which was a great phone. It was one of the original sliders and the first to offer soft keys. So I started looking at LG phones, not that you have many options to choose from when going with Verizon and you do not want the Samsung GS III. The closest to the specs I want is the Spectrum 2, which has a 1.5 dual core processor, expandable memory and a 4.7" HD screen. And like the Razr, it’s said to have a decent battery life.

I went to the Verizon store and held it, played with it and liked what I saw. It felt good in the hand and had pep. The reviews say the camera is lacking, but I’m not a huge camera person and the photos I’ve seen it take look good enough for me. And heck, there’s always Photoshop. The reviews also said the speakers aren’t up to pare, but I’ll stream via Bluetooth in my car and use the speakers at home, so this is a non-issue. Also, the UI skin is supposed to be ugly. Heck, I’ll use a launcher if I don’t the skin. As it is, you know I’ll make my own widgets.

My only concern with the LG is updates to the OS, but I can always flash a custom ROM if that becomes a problem. The Spectrum 2 did get the Jellybean update, so perhaps that won’t be an issue.

So far I’m going with the Spectrum 2, but we’ll see what I end up getting once June 14th rolls around.

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