Hangout with Friends via Swarm

Although Swarm allows users to check into places, it’s more about hanging out with friends than checking in. It lets you contact your friends directly via SMS, phone or Facebook messenger to let them know where you’re currently hanging out and gives you the ability to create plans to share with nearby friends. It’s about making plans on the fly, or just letting people know you’re available if they feel like joining you. Say you’re out shopping or at a club or bar and one your friends is a few blocks away, he can see you on the app and decide to hang out with you. It’s as simple as that.

Like any social media app, it’s only good if your friends also use it. People over 40 who don’t live by their cell phones probably aren’t going to get the concept of Swarm, but it’s not really made for them anyhow. Swarm is geared more towards hip urban dwellers and college students. It would also be useful at a conference or when you’re on vacation with a group of people.

Swarm is available for Android and iOS.

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