The Problem with Google Play Books

It’s funny, but I do love the Play Books app. Having books in my Google account ready to be read on any device complete with notes, bookmarks and where I last left off is a wonderful. The simple dictionary is a real treat, as is the easy to use interface. My only problem is shopping for something to read.

Sure, the Play store gives you suggestions as long as you bought most of your books from the Play store, but what if you didn’t? What if you tend to scout out the next price, buy a large amount from All Romance eBooks or some other independent bookstore? Well, that’s probably where the Play bookstore is at fault. You have to use the drop down menus that don’t go any further than one step into any menu. Looking for gay fiction, all you get are the bestsellers. Same goes for horror, romance or any other sub-genre of fiction and literature.
Every sub-genre of fiction (which is pretty vague) has sub genres unto itself (with romance being the biggest genre with sub-genres). And Google, being the king of search, should know this. How difficult would it be for Google to add sub-genres within sub-genres? Amazon does it and I do not like their eBook app at all.

Not only that, but since Google is also about being cool when it comes to a user’s rights to use what they please and act as they please, Google should be able to find a way to get suggestions for books uploaded to their cloud. Books have ISBNs that are in the metadata that Google can retrieve and use for this very purpose. Why doesn’t Google find the ISBN in the metadata to know which books you have in your library and give suggestions?

Come on Google, get with it and your eReader app will be the best hands down.

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