Play Books Keeps Getting Better

With each incarnation, Google Play Books has given the e-reader more functionality while keeping to the Google tradition of simplicity. The function it added in its latest incarnation adds the ability to skim a book with a simple tap on the page. This will also show you any bookmarks you have so you can easily go to that page. From the skim screen you can also access the table of contents, your notes and a list of your bookmarks and settings. If you only want to access your bookmarks, settings or the search function, a downward swipe from the top of the screen or an upward swipe from the bottom will bring these function up for you.

Your library is now set up in groups (all, uploads, purchases and samples), so if you have a large library, it won’t feel so unwieldy if you’re looking for the latest book sample you downloaded, or that title you got on sale at another book seller and uploaded to your library via the Play web site. Each of those groups also allows you to further organize your titles by title, author or recent. I hope they add more options organizing, like adding publisher and genre to the mix

As if previous versions of Play Books, you can still easily access word definitions by holding your finger on a word, which also allows you to add a note or highlight text.

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