What The Play Books Store Needs

I love Play Books as an eBook reader, it’s easy to use and doesn’t get in your way to sell you another title. It makes reading a breeze, especially if you have to stop to look up a word or take a note. Finding a new title in the Play store is a bit odd to say the least. While the eReader is great and fully realized, the store needs a lot of improvement to become uselful. Here are my suggestions.

It needs top ten lists for genres.

Why they have not thought to do this is beyond me. I like to see what’s selling in a specific genre (gay fiction in particular), as do a lot of people. It lets publishers and authors know how their titles are doing in the Play store and allows readers to see what is popular to help them make a choice about what to read next.

Right now, if you go to Top Charts, you’ll only find: Top Free; Top Deals; Top Selling. Really? That’s a joke.

Most genres have sub-genres, so it would be nice to have more than one sub-genre to choose from for Fiction & Literature. At the moment, we have Fiction & Literature>gay, but there are several sub-genres in gay fiction. Take a look at the amount of sub-genres in romance and you’ll be amazed. People need to be able to widdle down to what they enjoy reading. How can Play Books only give us one sub-genre? That’s ridiculous.

The main page
The main page you come to when going to Play Books could be more specific to you. Ig you read a lot of romance, Play Books should make that top priority. Google is known for making its web site, search, etc… specific for you, so please make this part of the Play Books Store more personal.

If you don’t read NY Times bestsellers, then why show this to us? Show us what we read, not a generic offering that everybody sees. You’re Google, dammit! Show us what we read, allow us to choose from our own interests. It’s what we expect, so please give us what we expect.

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