Microsoft News v.s. Play Newsstand

There are a lot of reasons I love Windows 10, the start button; ease of use; the Notification Center; and the News app; etc… I like keeping up with current events and get most of my news from my Android phone (LG3) and my tablet (Asus Memo Pad 7); and while the phone and tablet do well for me, there are times when I’m in front of my computer with my coffee and want to go from checking e-mail and downloading bank statements to catching up on current events, which is when I turn to the Microsoft News Reader (simply called News).

Like Google Play Newsstand, the Microsoft version feeds you headlines in a way that’s easy to navigate, but not as easy to customize. Play Newsstand gives you suggestions of tabs you might want to add according to the articles you read, or you can customize the tabs yourself under Explore and My Library. It was difficult to do this in Microsoft News, and even the suggestions under the Interests section weren’t as varied as I would have liked. Although adding an interest was as easy as clicking on the giant + sign, I didn’t figure that out until after I did a search for LGBT.

It would also be nice if Microsoft News allowed you to designate which news sources you like reading. Play Newsstand does this, which is good if you have a subscription to a specific magazine or newspaper. I do have to say that Microsoft News does grab headlines from a decent amount of credible news agencies.

Although Microsoft News has a lot of growing to catch up to Play Newsstand, I’m going to continue to use it only because it’s better than going through endless bookmarks to get to the stories that interest me.

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