Despite having to log into the app and enter a PIN, I enjoyed using Google Wallet where it was available. For me a lot of has to do with not wanting to carry a wallet everywhere. Because of back issues, I stopped putting my wallet in my back pocket and started only taking my bank card when I remember to take it. Since my phone is on me most of the time, using Google Wallet seemed like a simple solution. The only drawback was that not all the shops I go took Google Wallet (especially after CurrentC tries to come into play, but that’s another story that thankfully never took hold), but enough of them continued to take Google Wallet to make it worthwhile.

Now Google Wallet has become Android Pay and I’ve been able to start using it. More of the stores I use take it, and it’s a lot easier to use. Like Google Wallet, my loyalty cards come up in the in notifications when I can use it (except Walgreens for some reason, which means I have to go into the app to get it). When it comes time to pay, all I need to do is unlock my phone, tap it on the card reader and my transaction goes through. No more using a PIN or having to go into the app. It made running errands today a breeze.

You can get Android Pay in the Play Store

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