The Sling TV app is useless

Sling TV has got to be one of the
most useless apps I’ve seen in a while. What should be fun and intuitive is a mess that’s annoying and troublesome. Sling says it’s TV in real time, but it doesn’t show you a TV schedule with times and shows (i.e. like a channel guide) and getting information on a show is impossible if it’s not currently available. Also, when you call it up, it starts playing some random show for no reason. And on top of all that, it’s buggy.

Here’s a list of things I found annoying:

  • The search function only brings up
    shows that are currently showing or on the schedule. 
  • You get very little
    information about any show.
  • The ability to save a show to watch later is non-existent. 
  • The
    category list isn’t necessary. 
  • You lose access to controls a few minutes after
    you start watching a show.

Sling needs to look at Hulu and Netflix to get an idea about
how their app needs to work. Also, since it’s more about watching in real time,
it needs to have a real time look and feel. It needs a schedule that is useful and easy to understand, and a page for
each show that is informative, and a UI that makes sense.

Come on Sling, give us something we actually want to spend
$20.00/month on and not this monstrosity you call an app.

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