Porting my VZW Phone Number to Project Fi

I’ve been wanting to make the
switch to Google’s Project Fi, so when I got my Nexus 6, I knew it was just a
matter of time before I took the dive into what I’m hoping will be a less
expensive wireless alternative. Like most geeks, I’d read up on it and already
had a Project Fi invitation sitting in my inbox for a few months. At first I was a bit nervous, then realized that I could easily switch back to
Verizon if it’s not what I expected, so I went online and ordered my Project Fi SIM.

When you order your Project Fi SIM chip, Google asks you if you want a
new number or if you want to port an existing number over to the Fi service. If
you want to port your existing number, Google has you answer a few simple
questions about your existing wireless service, which they’ll use to expedite the
porting process.

When my Fi SIM arrived, I removed my VZW SIM and inserted the Fi
SIM. The Project Fi app was automatically activated, then the process of
porting began. I got a message saying that the network was being set up, then
another saying that Google would let me know when I could begin to make phone
calls. It all happened fairly quick, so I was a bit stunned when I got a
voicemail welcoming me to Google Voice half a minute later.

I assumed the voicemail was
Google’s way of telling me that my phone was set up without coming out and saying
it. It was confusing, especially since nowhere in the voicemail does it mention
Fi. However, my phone was on the Fi Network and I was able to make calls and
text on and off WiFi. To see if you’re on the Fi Network, just go to the
dropdown shade (a.k.a the notification area) and it will tell you there. It
also tells you on the lock screen.

Now I’m on Project Fi. I won’t know how I feel about it for at least a month.


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