The Quest for Food via Google Maps

Of all the apps on my phone, the one I probably use the most
is Google Maps. Google Maps lets me know when there’s an accident before I head out the
door, if there’s a quicker way to get from point A to point B and now helps me find good places to eat.

Finding good food while on vacation can be a chore, and one
that I’ve always used Yelp for. Yelp reviews are great if you need to do a
little research before trying a new place, but I recently tried using it to
find a place to eat while in New York City and found that it didn’t have many
options. I was in middle of a bustling city that had to have more options than Yelp was showing me, so I decided to give Google Maps a
shot. Low and behold, I had a bevy of food options available that did not show
up in Yelp. These options even had reviews from real people and a ratings, so I
chose a place with a good rating (I didn’t read the reviews, we were hungry) and
dove in. Although the sandwich place I chose for lunch wasn’t to my liking, it was fine for the
few people who had reviewed it.

I tried Maps again for dinner, only this time I found a Korean restaurant with a good amount of reviews and read through them. The restaurant was just what I had expected, a
delicious win!

When it was time lunch the next day, I used Google Maps
again and found a place that had the best burger and onion rings I have ever
had. The reviews were spot on. 

Google Maps was great! And since I had starred the places I was planning on visiting, I had a good idea as to how close the restaurants were to where I was going to be. Also, since I had starred the places where I’d eaten, it was easy
to go back and write a review when I had time. Remember, apps like this are nothing if you don’t participate. 

There are a few differences between Google Maps and Yelp:

  • You can’t share your reviews on Facebook or
  • You can’t become an elite member, but your reviews do give you points and badges.
  • People can’t follow your reviews  

I would like it if Google could find a way to integrate your
Google+ profile with Maps. I know some people will
balk at this, but it’s how I feel.

Here is a link to my profile on Google Maps:

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