Facebook Messenger, Groups & Moments

For a while now Facebook has been breaking up its services
into separate apps, which has ticked off some and pleased others. I thought it
was a great idea from the start because I’ve been looking to spend less time on
Facebook, but do like some parts of the service. The breakup allows me to go to the parts of Facebook I use without having to go though the Facebook
app to get there. If I want to read my wall, I can fire up
Chrome, which works fine.


Messaging might not have been the first part for Facebook to
break off, but it was the most noticeable to most people. By breaking off
Messenger Facebook is able to concentrate on this one component and morph it into
a bit of a WhatsApp clone. Now Messenger comes with group messaging and stickers, the ability to make
calls and get an Uber directly within the app. And the best part
of all of this, you do not have to clog your phone up with the actual Facebook app.


They’ve also broken the image backup portion of Facebook and
called it Moments. It’s like Google Photos, only owned by Facebook. If you
already use Facebook to back up,share and organize your photos, this is probably a
great app for you. Again, you don’t have to have Facebook on your phone to do

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is also its own thing. Although I do belong
to a few Facebook groups, I don’t interact enough with them to want this on my
phone. If anything, this would be a good way to keep image sharing on the wall
to a minimum. Find your interest and post it there. Sigh, a lesson we could all

Although Groups and Moments are two apps I don’t see myself
using, I would love to see the events portion of Facebook break off into its
own app. A lot of my friends use this service to invite people to parties or
events, and it is something I use quite a bit. Breaking it off into its own app
would make it easier to get notifications on my phone while giving it the
ability to grow and add features that may be overlooked as a part of something

Which parts of Facebook do you use the most? Feel free to tell us in the comments.

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