Allo and the problem with SMS

When I downloaded Allo I knew it was a texting app, but
heard it also supported SMS texting and was excited about it. I’m a man of a certain
age whose friends use standard SMS and occasionally Facebook Messenger, so I
was hoping that Allo would handle SMS better than it does. I want to use
features that Allo provides, but do
not want to clog my phone with yet another texting app that will only get used
on occasion. And I thought Allo would be just that, but it’s not.

Allo’s SMS support is odd. It sends your SMS text messages via
a random five-digit number that feels shady to the recipient. I’m not sure I
would trust it if it came to me. It also has a link to download and install
Allo, which would turn a lot of people off. The last thing I want to do is
force people to use an app just because I’m using it. Allo needs to have full
SMS support or none at all. Don’t do this odd quasi SMS thing.

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