Organize Your Life with Spaces

I started using Google Spaces to share news articles with my
boyfriend because we got sick of having to search through endless text messages
to find a link that had been sent earlier in the day. Adding a space that I share only with him was the perfect way to fix this issue. Since we both have Spaces on our phones (you
can use the web version if you don’t want to clutter your phone with apps) a
push notification is sent to him about my post. You can then leave a comment in
Spaces, delete the post once you’re done with it, or leave it there. We prefer Spaces to sending to texting a link that will get lost
as the day progresses.

Although you can discuss the post inside Spaces, we tend to talk about it at home. Spaces is more about sharing content than online interaction…at least for us. We’ve been using it steadily since May and like it.

I also use Spaces to save recipes that I’m not
sure will be good enough to save in my recipe file. Although he
doesn’t care too much about cooking, there have been times when he’s told me to make something I put on Spaces so I knew he looks at it.

Since Spaces is a great place to hold online content via
links, it also works well for home projects. Decorating a room? You can add
furniture, paint, how-to video, etc… in its designated space.  You can also add your thoughts on the project
along with the specific information. You can then share this information easily with the person or people involved
in the project. 

You can also search within Spaces, so you don’t have to leave the app to find what you need. You can also use the handy Chrome extension to make adding links to Spaces easier. 

Spaces is a great place to
hold information that you’re going to use now, or in the near future, and you want
to share with only one or a few other people.

Give Spaces a try and see how you like it. Heck, you might
find another way to use Spaces to help organize your life.

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