The Joy of Editing with Google Photos

Nothing makes editing your photos easier than Google Photos.
And if your phone camera isn’t known for taking decent pictures, you know what
a good photo editing app can do. As for basic photo editing, I think Google
Photos is probably the best out there. It allows you to adjust the colors,
light and make your photo pop with ease. Both color and light come with more
options if you prefer to dig into shadows, contrast, exposure, warmth, etc…

Here’s a picture I took today before touching up with Photos.

Same photo after editing with Google Photos. I was able to straighten it and play with the color and light to get a photo I want to share with family and friends.

Google Photos also makes backing up your photos a breeze with unlimited cloud space if you backup through the Photos app.  and allows you to easily organize and share your photos.


Photos can take up a good amount of space on your phone, so Photos will also remove any images already backed up. Since Photos displays all images on your phone and in the cloud, you’ll never loose a photo.

You can also use Photos on the web to edit and organize your photos from your laptop.

Google Photos is available for iOS and Android

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