Why I Still Use Allo

I should have a love/hate relationship with Allo, but I don’t. Google does a poor job publicizing the app, so it has very few users, and it still doesn’t have SMS support.  The sticker packs are nice, but aren’t a reason to continue using it, link previews are nice, but they’re commonplace in any texting app, as is incognito chats. Resizing text is also very nice, but not worth sticking with the app. I also like using the Google keyboard gif generator (which I can’t use in Facebook Messenger) but that isn’t specific to Allo. Google Assistant in chats is nice, but I rarely use it.

As you can see, I have very little reason to keep Allo on my phone, so why is it still there? There is no concrete reason other than I like it. My boyfriend, Randon, also uses it and feels the same way. Allo is easy to use and has the features you want… except SMS texting.

Randon is the person I text the most, and it’s always via Allo. We resize the text when necessary, use the stickers and the gif generator in the Google keyboard, send links and occasionally​ our location. We’ve even used the Google Assistant a few times.

When I asked asked Randon why he prefers using Allo, he says he prefers it to texting via Google Messages…if only it also handled SMS texting.

Are you listening Google?

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