Cloud DVR is now available on Sling TV

With the inclusion of a cloud DVR service (an extra $5.00/month for 50 hours of recorded shows), Sling TV is now a real contender in fight for your viewing pleasure. The only problem is that a lot of people have no idea Sling TV offers the service. Heck, I only found out about it when I needed to switch my plan around. I’d heard they were going to offer it, but never knew that they’d already started the cloud DVR plan.

A record button displays on the show listing once  you sign up for the cloud DVR plan, giving you the option to record the all episodes, this episode, new episodes only. Once you decide, you can find the recorded shows under the My TV tab. If you want to manage your DVR, there’s a My DVR button at the end of list of recorded shows. Click on the button and you can see how much time you have open, how much you’ve used and the shows that have been recorded. And yes, you can delete specific shows to make space.

If you’re a Sling TV user, head into your account and look for the Cloud DVR service under Extras.

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