Cricket Wireless v.s. Project Fi

In November of 2015 I switched my mobile carrier from Verizon to Project Fi and have been very pleased with the service and the savings. Since switching, my cell phone bill has been about $30.00/month (between $26 and $32). I’ve been able to keep my bill low by being careful about data usage, which is easy to do since I’m around a wifi fairly often. Also, I put my music on download only when in the car, and don’t post pictures to social media unless I have wifi. My husband is usually with me when we need Google Maps, so we use his phone. My efforts have been worth every penny saved.

My husband recently paid off his much loved LG G5, so it was time for him to think about lowering his cell phone bill by switching carriers. I suggested he sell his phone on Ebay and get a Pixel XL so he can use Project Fi, but he’s attached to his G5 (which is understandable, it is a nice phone) and didn’t want to part with it. He’s the type who keeps his phone to the bitter end. So the hunt was on to find a carrier that would allow him to keep his much-loved G5.

Without going into the full detail of the hunt and comparison shopping (Metro PCS was a contender), we decided on Cricket Wireless. Cricket is inexpensive ($40/month for 4 GIG of data with tax and fees included, $35/month if you use auto pay), uses AT&T towers and works well with his phone. So we visited a Cricket store and he made the switch. And thus far he’s been very happy.

So now I’m using Project Fi, watching my data and keeping it under 1 GIG (it’s really not difficult to do) and occasionally restricting my data usage. Meanwhile my husband never thinks about his data (he had a special deal on a 6 GIG plan with his old carrier) and hasn’t changed his cell phone usage. I doubt he’ll go over 4 GIG of data, especially when he never came close to 6 GIG with his previous plan.

To be honest, I’m a little envious and have been thinking of switching over to Cricket.

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