Will Google and Amazon Please Hug it Out

I’m a fan of both Google products and Amazon Prime, so this ongoing fight between them makes me want to scream. There’s lots of reasons why they’ve been fighting, from Amazon having their own app store to competing products, so I’m not about to get into it here. I will say that the consumer always gets caught up in the middle and ends up being the loser. It’s like when parents fight and drag their kids into it. Both parties should know better, but they’re both too pig-headed to care.

When I was deciding between buying a Roku or an Android TV device, I went with the Roku because Android TV didn’t have access to Amazon Prime for watching video. One of the main reasons I signed up for Prime was their movie streaming service, although the free shipping is also a definite plus. I would have loved giving Android TV a spin, but why would I bother if I can’t access one of the services I use. It made me feel like my choice for streaming devices had been taken away.

With the advent of connected homes, we have Amazon Alexa and Google Home. At the moment I don’t have either of them, but have a preference for Home. Until now my choices would have been about hardware and the assistant, Alexa or Google Assistant, but now Google has removed access to YouTube from Alexa. Although I doubt the removal will hurt the regular Echo product, it does have a deep impact on the Echo Show. The Echo Show is about video.

I can see how YouTube on the Echo Show would come in handy, especially when working with tutorials. The Echo Show is small enough to bring places that are a bit too cramped for a laptop, and you won’t have to find a way to prop up your phone or tablet for easy viewing, which I feel makes this product more useful than the original Echo. Stripping the Echo Show of YouTube support makes it a bit useless, so why would I consider purchasing one? And yes, once again, a viable option for my home has been taken away.

Who knows what the next move will be in this petty brawl between Amazon and Google. All I can say for sure is that whatever it is, the consumer will loose once again. It’s a shame, because both services have so much to offer. Why can’t they just hug it out and move on.

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