Cricket Wireless, a Smart Choice

It’s been three weeks since I switched to Cricket Wireless and I’m happy with the service thus far. Having 4 gig of data was freeing, and I sucked it up willy-nilly. I refused to put my Play Music into download only mode, and streamed music in the car; Instagram posts were made on the fly instead of waiting to be on wifi; and used Google Maps while in the car without wondering how much data it would use.  It was fantastic!!!

As I said before, the price for 4 gig of data on Cricket is $40.00/month ($35.00/month if you use auto pay). Calls come in fine and I haven’t had a single one dropped. So far I am three weeks in and used 1.6 gig of data, and that’s without caring about my data consumption. And yes, there were times I felt a bit irresponsible and would check my usage.

Although I do miss having my voicemail as part of the Google Phone app, the Cricket Visual Voice Massage app works fine. Keep in mind that you’ll have to go into the settings to get it to translate the message into text; and just like Google Phone, it sometimes gives odd results that make it necessary to listen to the actual message. The font is big and and the button to play the message is on the screen for easy access. I have to say that they did a good job designing the app. And since most people text these days, I don’t use it that often.

So if you’re looking for a cheaper wireless carrier with good service, you might want to give Cricket Wireless a try. You’re not bound to a contract, so it’s easy to move on if you feel it doesn’t work for you.

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