Using the Brush Tool in Snapseed

This is a tutorial on using Snapseed to bring out color and light in a photo using the brush tool. For this tutorial I’m going to use a photo I took with my Pixel XL of the sky at dusk. The original untouched image was cropped when I posted it to Instagram (untouched, mind you). You can use the cropping tool to crop any image to any size you want. I might go into cropping in another tutorial.

Here is the original image.


To start, open a photo in Snapseed, then touch the TOOLS menu (bottom, center) and choose the Brush tool (second row from top, far right). I like to start with either the Saturation or Temperature brush, then play with the Exposure brush last. Play around with it and find what works best for you. For this I set the saturation brush to 10 and used my finger to paint the sky. Where you touch the image is where the effect will take place. The tool goes from -10 to 10, so play with it to get the look you want.

Note: If you choose the eye button on the bottom row, the portions you paint with the brush will be tinged red. Tap the eye button again to see your results.

If necessary, you can pinch to zoom in, then use the rectangle at the bottom left of the image to move it around. If you don’t use the rectangle, you’ll risk using the brush on the wrong portion of your image.

Here’s the image after using the saturation brush on the sky.


That looked good, but I wanted to lighten the sky below the clouds, so I chose the Exposure brush and did the same to the section on the horizon. If you make a mistake, you can set the Brush to Eraser Exposure and color in the area you want darker.

This is the final result after using the Exposure brush.


Once you have the image where you want it, tap on the check mark (bottom, right). You can then tap on the EXPORT menu, then choose how you want to export or save it. You can also share it from this menu.

Here are my original and end-result images.

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        1. I should have mentioned that it was the Rough Edges post that brought me to your blog, the other posts were an extra plus.

          Glad you enjoyed my writing. I strive for simplicity and using an economy of words. 🙂

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