Metro PCS or Cricket Wireless

I switched my mobile carrier to Cricket Wireless back in September of 2015, after my husband had already switched to Cricket. Since then. I’ve been very happy with the service. It’s reliable and inexpensive, a win-win in my book. I was on Project Fi before, which is a good deal for people who don’t use a lot of data. As far as I’m concerned, Project Fi is a contender for well priced mobile service, but it’s not for everybody.

If you’re looking for something cheaper than Project Fi with good service, my two choices are Metro PCS and Cricket Wireless. Although I don’t use Metro PCS, I know enough people who are happy with with their service that I feel comfortable mentioning them here. The only reason I didn’t switch to Metro PCS is that my husband had already started using Cricket Wireless and had a good experience. Yeah, it’s a lame reason, but they both offer 5 gig for $40.00 (cricket gives you $5.00 off when you sign up for auto pay, bringing it down to $35.00/month).

Here are a few tips for making the switch:

  • Get your phone unlocked and take it with you.
    • You probably spent a good amount of cash on your phone, why would you want to change if it still works.
  • Know which towers your new carrier uses.
    • If you’re already on AT&T and are happy, then I think cricket would be a good choice. If you’re on T-Mobile, give Metro PCS a try. It really is that simple.
  • Do not sign up for any more data than you need.
    • Know how much data you consume monthly. Most people do not need unlimited data.
  • If you do buy a new phone, make sure it has at least 32 gig of storage.
  • Ask about discounts for auto-pay.
  • Go into a physical store and to somebody.

You do not need to buy a new phone

Make sure your phone will be compatible with the carrier you’re switching to. Cricket Wireless has a handy chart to help you find out on their web site. If you’re thinking of Metro PCS, go inside and ask. It shouldn’t be a problem these days, but it’s always good to make sure you’re not going to have problems before signing up.

After that, it’s all about price. Below are the price charts for each carrier. Keep in mind that I took these charts from the carrier’s web sites when I wrote this. Prices may have changed, so check them before making any final decisions. Also, go into an actual store and ask about pricing, they may have a special deal you didn’t know about.

Metro PCS Cricket Wireless
uses T-Mobile towers uses AT&T towers
$30/2 gig $25/talk and text (no data)
$40/5 gig $30/2 gig
$50/unlimited $40/5 gig
$60/unlimited and mobile hotspot $55/unlimited (max speed is 3 mbps)
$60/unlimited high speed

Now look at this chart and ask yourself why you are you spending so much for cell phone service?

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