YouTube Music is Growing Up

With the most recent changes to YouTube Music, the service has begun to show its true colors. It still isn’t close be being as feature-rich as Play Music, but it’s moving in the right direction. It’s primary focus is now on music and the video portion is an extra bonus. Album art is now big and bold, and the artists have pages complete with biographies and a list of songs and albums.

As I mentioned in my previous post, My Switch from Play Music to YouTube Music, the more you use the app, the better it gets to know you. With that said, the new version of YouTube Music is better at knowing what I want to listen to than the previous one. All the playlist suggestions feel tailored to what I’ve been listening to, which makes the app feel as if it knows more about me now than before.

Music Over Video

I like the focus on playlists, which is a great way to discover artists you may not come across any other way. And isn’t music discovery part of what YouTube Music is about? I discovered Gil Scott-Heron via a playlist, and I was amazed that I’d never heard of him. A simple tap on his name and his Bio came up, along with similar artists. A tap on the bio itself expanded it so I could read the entire thing. Artist biographies were missing in the previous version of YouTube Music, so I’m glad to see it make its way into the service.

And with the new focus away from video comes an improved view of the album cover art. In the previous version you had to either watch the video or look at an image of their choosing.

The Power of Search

Since YouTube Music is owned by Google, search is done right. The results of your search is split up into simple categories to help you find what you’re looking for. You can either scroll through the results or go directly to the category you want. This is quick, simple and easy.

Search in YouTube Music

Playlists Still Need Work

Although I like the playlists, it’s annoying that you can’t rearrange them. This is something I thought would be fixed with the first update to YouTube Music, yet wasn’t. This seems like something that’s very basic, so I’m hoping it gets fixed with the next update.

The only area that allows you to move the songs around is Your Mixtape, which they must not think of as a playlist.

Gapless Playback

There’s a pause between tracks on albums, which can be annoying at times. This is another thing I’m hoping they fix with the next update.

My Personal Music Library

To be honest, I’m not expecting this to come to YouTube Music until they close Play Music.

The Web Version

They finally have a web version for YouTube Music! I have it as Early Access, so I’m not sure how quickly they’ll be rolling it out. If you don’t have it yet, hold tight and know that’s coming soon. So far I can say that it works just like the app.

YouTube Muisc Web access


YouTube Music still isn’t up to par with Play Music, but it is getting there. The most recent update shows promise and a vision for what Google expects to give subscribers. The service is still very young and has a beta feel. And the most recent improvements make me excited to find out what’s next to come. If you already have a Play Music subscription, you might want to check out YouTube Music (you get it free with your Play Music subscription).

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