Why We Switched from Sling to YouTube TV

After a year and a half of Sling, we’re making the switch to YouTube TV. We’re not switching because we’re unhappy with Sling, or because we’re getting a cheaper deal with YouTube TV, we’re switching because YouTube TV offers more of what we need in a television subscription.

When we first signed up for Sling we thought it had everything we wanted from a television subscription. What we found out in a year and half of living with Sling is that we needed more than it could offer. And we didn’t know that until we understood how we watch TV.

Understanding How You View Television

I’ve never had cable TV, so prior to Sling I only used my television to watch movies. It wasn’t a problem until my spouse moved in. I’d already cancelled my Netflix account and signed up for Hulu, which gave me some television stations along with a decent selection of movies. It was great for me, but lacking enough for my other half that we had to find a way to get the stations he enjoyed. Luckily he already understood how much cheaper it was to cut the cord, so all I had to do was find a streaming solution that would work for both of us.

After doing some research, I found that Sling was able to give us everything he had in his television lineup with Verizon minus the local stations. The only way we could get all the local channels in our area was to mount an antenna on the roof, which we weren’t about to do. Our goal was to find a solution for local channels that didn’t require running wires or having some ugly contraption hanging on the house. We tried a few different indoor antennas and found one that gave us one clear channel, so we settled with that. All we wanted was local news anyhow.

Our Need for Local Channels

For a year and a half we made Sling work for us despite never getting local channels. If the antenna was able to get local channel 12, my husband would have been completely satisfied, but the truth is that he had to wake up every morning and watch a local news channel that was just okay. He tried the NewsOn app via the Roku, but channel 12 wasn’t reliable on it so he stopped using it.

Despite the lack of local channels, we stuck with Sling because it was affordable, had all the stations we wanted, gave us enough sports stations that the hubby could keep up with football, even if he couldn’t watch the major games at home.

We added and deleted channels as we needed them and kept our monthly Sling bill to $29.99 and $34.99 when we added a station for a season.  Add $64.99 for internet, and you get $94.98/month and $99.98/month respectively. If it wasn’t for the local channels, Sling would work fine. We were saving money, but we weren’t getting everything we wanted. The lack of local channels was a persistent thorn in our sides.

Solving the Local News and Sports Problem with One Solution

Since local channels were always a thorn in our side, and adding them would also solve the problem with sports, I kept my eyes open for a TV alternative that would give us more of what we wanted. We’d gone too long without local channels, and it we were sick of waiting for Sling to add them to our area.

Our needs are simple:

  • Live TV
  • DVR
  • a station for cheesy sci-fi/horror
  • Bravo
  • some fun stations like FX and TNT
  • HGTV would be a plus, but we could live without it. We watch that mostly in bed when we want nonsense that we don’t have to pay attention to.

Other factors that went into our decision to switch to YouTube TV are:

  • Having to pay extra for El Rey, which Sling moved to the comedy extra package
  • We weren’t thrilled with season 10 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, which meant we no longer needed to add VH1 when it came on
  • YouTube TV has Comet, which will give us our fill of cheesy schlock
  • YouTube TV also has unlimited DVR

I’ve been eyeing YouTube TV for a while, but the $40/month price and lack of HGTV and VH1 kept it from serious consideration. I also looked at Hulu, but they didn’t offer all the local channels for our area.

Last week I showed my husband the YouTube TV lineup and price, and he agreed that it looked promising. We thought about it for a couple of days, then decided to try the free week. The very first morning with YouTube TV, he got to watch local channel 12 news and looked so happy. He didn’t say it, but I’m sure he was also thinking about being able to watch all the football games again.

It took us a year and a half of not being fully satisfied with our TV subscription to realize how we actually watch television. YouTube TV gives us the most of what we want, but your needs may be different. If your current solution isn’t quite working, find one that will.

Our new total for internet and YouTube TV is $104.99/month, which is still a lot cheaper than what most people are paying for television.


Both Sling and Hulu offer local channels in some areas, so you might want to check them out before making your final decision. I will say that we would have stuck with Sling if they offered local channels in our area.

As always, feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section below.

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