Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Blog and Your Writing Goals

For the past week I’ve been writing fiction every day, which means I’ve neglected the blog. And yes, here it is Saturday night and I’m scrambling for something to write about. I’ve read posts about keeping a list of ideas on hand for this day, such as this one from The Nerdy Lion, 8 Ways to Constantly Generate blog Post Ideas, and thought it was a good idea. Did I do it, no. Did I tell myself to do it, yes.

I’m not looking for sympathy, I did this to myself. Instead of moaning about it, I need to find a way to balance writing every day and maintaining the blog. It can be done, I just have to find a way to manage my time better. After all, I post once a week to make posting to the blog painless and fun.

Before I go on and talk about how to keep up with two writing projects (fiction and blogging) you’ll need to know how I came to be in my current predicament.

How This Came to Be

After quite a few half-done writing projects, I decided to take some time off fiction writing. During my fiction respite, I took great joy in only writing for the blog. I even considered not writing again and concentrating only on the blog. I was doing everything I enjoyed and had some free time to veg out. Then, a few weeks back, I had an idea of a new project. I let the idea go and went on with my life…but it kept coming back. I’d be driving, walking, working out, and the story idea would force its way into my head. So last weekend I figured it was time to start writing and see if it interested me enough to keep going. Well, I’ve been working on it every day so far.

Writing every day when you have a project is a must, and I was doing pretty good. Then I realized that I hadn’t given the blog much thought and I needed a post for Monday. Holy crap! It was last night. I told myself to calm down and that I could get it done in two days.

So today I did some reading in the tub, bubbles and all, and told my hubby that I was going to work on the blog when I got out. He asked what I was going to write about and I told him that I still had no idea. This was a first for me, and he asked if I actually had to write a weekly post. Can’t I just skip a week? The answer was a stern, no. If Joe Hart at The Ink can write 100 posts in 100 days, I can post once a week. And not only that, I had two days to come up with an idea and write it.

Some posts take longer than others. For instance, a tutorial can easily take a week to put together.

The compromise for getting this blog post out in time was to call the writing for the blog post my daily writing, which it is not. I’m clearly cheating. However, I can deal with that later, right now I have a post to write. So I’m doing it using the Push it Out tip from my post, Get Yourself in the Mood…to Write.

The Solution

To keep the balance between writing fiction and writing for my blog, I’m going to work on the blog every day after I fulfill my writing obligation. This will give me time to come up with post ideas, do any homework that comes with it, and get it completed in time without compromising either project.

First drafts don’t come easy to me, so I’m going to pull it out by writing at least 1,500 words per day until it’s done. After that I do revisions by chapter.

I chose 1,500 words because it’s easily attainable. I don’t like to set my goals too high and feel as if they can’t be reached.

I actually think this will work and keep me focused. We won’t know until the post for next Monday arrives.

Some Writing Tips

I’m not going to talk about my manuscript here because I’ve found projects die once you talk about them too soon. I usually don’t even tell people I’m working on something–just ask my husband, who I think has guessed that I’m writing again. He came up for a kiss one night and noticed that I had Word up and snuck off with a grin.

When working on a story, be sure to write every day. Set a time limit or a word count that you have to reach. If you’re writing well and the story is flowing when you reach your word count or set time, do not stop. Once you stop, you kill the groove.

When working on a first draft, just get it out and don’t worry about the writing, which will all get fixed as you revise.

If you’re new to writing, think about joining a writing group. Read my post, Find Inspiration in a Writing Group.


This is probably one of the oddest posts I’ve had thus far, and hopefully it’s not riddled with typos. I also hope you got something out of it.


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