Use Snapseed to Give Your Halloween Pictures That Extra Oomph

Since Halloween is around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about using Snapseed to edit your photos to make them look creepy.

For this post I’m going to use an old Halloween photo from 2014 taken with a LG G3.


Start with Graininess

While the original photo is fine as is, it just looks like me all dolled up for a night on the town. What it needs is some creep factor. The best way to do that is to make it look like an old photo by loading it into Snapseed and adding some grain. Tap on TOOLS > Grainy Film.

For this effect I’ll tap on the settings tool (it looks like a set of sliders) and set the Grain to +59 by dragging your finger left and right on the picture, then do the same to set the Style Strength to +51. Tap on the check mark when your done, or the X to start over.

Snapseed Grain

The button to the right of the setting button (it looks like a set of color swatch tiles) are pre-set filters you can use and make adjustments to. I tend not to use them, but they might make a good starting point for you.

Age It More With Retrolux and Grunge

Now I’m going to use the Retrolux tool (TOOLS > Retrolux) to give the picture a few scratches and filter the color and brightness. You can either dive into the setting or go to the pre-set filters and find one you like. The pre-set filters in Retrolux have more than one setting, which you can scroll through with multiple taps on each filter.

From here you use the Grunge tool (TOOLS > Grunge). This will add a grunge vignette to the image. The Grunge tool works similar to the Retrolux tool, but the filters button looks like a square with diagonal lines. It works similar to the filter button in Retrolux.

Play with the Vignette in Grunge

Once you’re in the Grunge tool, tap on the image and a blue dot will appear. The dot is the center of the vignette. You can drag the dot around the image to move the center of the grunge vignette. The images below show how moving the blue dot changes the lighting created by the vignette. You can also pinch to resize the vignette.

Once you have the look you want, click on the check mark to save it or the X to start over.

The Final Product.


You can find my other tips and tricks on using Snapseed to edit your photos here.

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