The Blogger: Ken Harrison

ken-harrison-2061Back in the ’90s I wrote erotic short stories for several gay skin magazines and published three short story collections (Daddy’s Boys; Young, Hung and Ready for Action and Ten Thick Inches). I stopped writing in 2001 to start a small press, Seventh Window Publications, and worked with several great authors and artists. In December 2015, I closed Seventh Window Publications. After a year and a half away, I realized that publishing was a big part of my life and went back to writing.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy cooking for my husband and guests, web design, blowing bubbles in the park, dressing up in costumes and entertaining. Halloween is my favorite holiday and our house is a popular stop for the neighborhood kids. I believe that the only thing better than telling a good story is watching people enjoy my food.

The Blog: Books & Bytes

Books & Bytes started as The Publishing Geek, which was a Tumblr blog I started to link to articles on tech and publishing that I found interesting or worth reading. After a while I decided to add my own content and possibly make it a bit more personal, which was when the name changed. Book & Bytes is now hosted via WordPress, which I feel is a better platform for serious blogging.

Books & Bytes still focuses on tech, with some articles on publishing, and a mention of any new titles I have out now or soon to be released. Basically, this is a blog I use to when I feel the need to say something about what interests me. I do hope people find my posts useful.

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