Blog Tour for Linear Park

Sent out my final guest blog post on Friday, now it's time to wait. Below are the dates for where and when my guest blog posts will be out. Reviews should be coming in on these blogs and other starting 11/21. Linear Park release date is 11/22. Here is where and when you can find... Continue Reading →

Coping with Good and Bad Reviews

When I blog about books, it's usually e-book formats, design and reading apps (my favorite being Google Play Books), not the actual writing life. This is a blog about things that interest me that fall in the realm of publishing and tech, so it can be a bit eclectic. However, I am back to writing,... Continue Reading →

Linear Park

With the publication of Linear Park from Dreamspinner Press, it looks like I'm writing again! I haven't had a book out since 2001, so this is pretty exciting. Linear Park will be available November 22, 2017. The cover was done by Brooke Albrecht and does a great job showing the place and the characters. Blurb:... Continue Reading →

The Word Count Doesn’t Lie

E-books have been popular for over ten years now (the first Amazon Kindle came out November 7, 2007), which makes page count obsolete when judging the length of a book, but bookstores continue using page count when it come to e-books. As any publisher can tell you, there are many ways to play with the... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Goodreads 

I've always seen Goodreads as a poorly designed web site with a very active reading community with a lot to offer...if you search through the menus. A part of the reason for the sloppiness is that Goodreads does a lot more than keep a database of the books you've read. Goodreads allows people to push... Continue Reading →

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