If you’re concerned about getting a virus on your Phone or television, be thoughtful about what you download. Don’t side load apps, do your research before installing apps (even if it’s from the Play Store) and don’t go to suspicious web sites. Also, use an antivirus program or app. Being thoughtful about your action will... Continue Reading →

For those Nexus 6 users like myself, at least 7.1.1 won’t be buggy. I wish Google would make another 6" device. Love the larger screen Nexus 6 and I can’t imagine going back to a 5.5" screen.Bugs push Android 7.1.1 update for Nexus 6 to early Jan 2017 | Android Central

Organize Your Life with Spaces

I started using Google Spaces to share news articles with my boyfriend because we got sick of having to search through endless text messages to find a link that had been sent earlier in the day. Adding a space that I share only with him was the perfect way to fix this issue. Since we... Continue Reading →

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