Microsoft Edge Has Promise

I've been looking at the Microsoft Edge web browser on my laptop for a while now and wondered why I would use it. I use Google Chrome and am happy with it, but I was curious about this new web browser. What did it have to offer that Chrome didn't? I knew that Edge didn't... Continue Reading →

More Than a Keyboard, it’s Gboard

The one app people use the most on their phones is probably the one they think about the least, the keyboard. I was the same way until the Swype keyboard came around, which I happily used until I tried the Google keyboard, which added swipe typing. I found the Google Keyboard was on par with... Continue Reading →

Why I Still Use Allo

I should have a love/hate relationship with Allo, but I don't. Google does a poor job publicizing the app, so it has very few users, and it still doesn't have SMS support.  The sticker packs are nice, but aren't a reason to continue using it, link previews are nice, but they're commonplace in any texting... Continue Reading →

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