Thoughts on Goodreads 

I've always seen Goodreads as a poorly designed web site with a very active reading community with a lot to offer...if you search through the menus. A part of the reason for the sloppiness is that Goodreads does a lot more than keep a database of the books you've read. Goodreads allows people to push... Continue Reading →

The cluelessness of the Netflix app

Like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with Netflix. It’s not just that I wish they had more titles available for streaming—I have a streaming-only account—or that titles sometimes go away with no warning, but I have issues with their app. It seems odd that the company that changed the way we rent movies... Continue Reading →

Tweetcaster will win you over

When I first started using Tweetcaster about a month ago, I wasn’t sure if I would stick with it. Honestly, it doesn’t have the most attractive UI ad I really did not looking at it. The only reason I stuck with it is because one of my Twitter followers told me it was the best... Continue Reading →

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