Blog Tour for Linear Park

Sent out my final guest blog post on Friday, now it's time to wait. Below are the dates for where and when my guest blog posts will be out. Reviews should be coming in on these blogs and other starting 11/21. Linear Park release date is 11/22. Here is where and when you can find... Continue Reading →

The Word Count Doesn’t Lie

E-books have been popular for over ten years now (the first Amazon Kindle came out November 7, 2007), which makes page count obsolete when judging the length of a book, but bookstores continue using page count when it come to e-books. As any publisher can tell you, there are many ways to play with the... Continue Reading →

Google Family Plan Redux

I thought about the Family Plan before and didn't like the idea that you had to associate one credit/debit card for everybody in your family group to use for purchases. I still don't like that idea, but I guess it makes you think twice about who to include. Although the card thing kept me away... Continue Reading →

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