It’s nice to hear about the Amazon/Hatchet drama from an author who publishes with Amazon. It’s a take that’s similar to my own, which is the side you don’t often hear.Slate: In Defense of Amazon

Play Books Grows Up

Although I wasn’t a fan of Play Books when it first came out, it’s now winning me over. Google has now given Play Books the same functionality as its other apps, giving it the same simple and intuitive UI that makes it feel like a Google product. It also brings your eBooks to the cloud... Continue Reading →

Google Play Books

Who uses the Google Play Books eReader? If you read the reviews in the app section of Google Play, it seems some people do, although they have similar complaints: no dictionary and they can’t take notes. Some people speak up in Google’s defense and say that it’s a phone app, so there is need for... Continue Reading →

Google Play Books

Being an Android Fan and since I sold my soul to Google years ago, I really wanted to like this Google Play Books. Granted, it’s still in beta and will most likely improve over time, but it’s still a bit young for my taste…and probably anyone who has already used the Kindle or Nook apps.... Continue Reading →

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