Replace Your text Messaging App with Facebook Messenger

I use Facebook Messenger for contacting people who don’t have my phone number, which happens a lot. Since Facebook Messenger handles SMS messages, I’ve been thinking about using it instead of Google Messenger to see if I might like it. I like that you can group your messages together or separate so you never have to... Continue Reading →

Facebook’s Messenger app is growing up. Since you no longer need a Facebook account to use Messenger, it has now morphed into its own service. Messenger now offers texting (MMS and SMS), phone and video calling, Uber, shopping and the list is still growing. Also, with a simple scan of your phones you can add... Continue Reading →

Getting Rid of Facebook

I deleted Facebook from my phone today. Although I’ll still use Facebook Messenger, I will no longer have the Facebook app. I’m hoping this changes some of my social media usage.

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