Why I Still Love My Pixel XL

Although I love my Pixel XL, it doesn’t stop me from looking at other phones. As we all know, the first generation Pixel phones aren’t the prettiest devices out there. They have top and bottom bezels that made them appear dated even when they were released, and even more so now. What sold the Pixel... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia and Play Music

Over the years my taste in music has changed. When I was a kid, it was The O’Jays, Michael Jackson, Donna summer, Blondie and anything with a big, fun sound that made you want to move. As I hit my twenties, my taste in music changed. The Cocteau Twins, Nina Hagen, Laurie Anderson, Lena Lovich... Continue Reading →

Cricket Wireless v.s. Project Fi

In November of 2015 I switched my mobile carrier from Verizon to Project Fi and have been very pleased with the service and the savings. Since switching, my cell phone bill has been about $30.00/month (between $26 and $32). I've been able to keep my bill low by being careful about data usage, which is... Continue Reading →

Google Family Plan Redux

I thought about the Family Plan before and didn't like the idea that you had to associate one credit/debit card for everybody in your family group to use for purchases. I still don't like that idea, but I guess it makes you think twice about who to include. Although the card thing kept me away... Continue Reading →

More Than a Keyboard, it’s Gboard

The one app people use the most on their phones is probably the one they think about the least, the keyboard. I was the same way until the Swype keyboard came around, which I happily used until I tried the Google keyboard, which added swipe typing. I found the Google Keyboard was on par with... Continue Reading →

Google Photos Has Become My #1 Photo App

With unlimited backups, advanced photo editing tools, mobile (Android and iOS) and PC apps, web access, easy sharing and search, Google Photos has become my go-to app for organizing and editing my pics. With the added ability to cast your pictures and videos directly to your television via Chromecast, it's a must-have app for any... Continue Reading →

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