Google Family Plan Redux

My thoughts on the Google Play Family Plan.


More Than a Keyboard, it’s Gboard

The one app people use the most on their phones is probably the one they think about the least, the keyboard. I was the same way until the Swype keyboard came around, which I happily used until I tried the Google keyboard, which added swipe typing. I found the Google Keyboard was on par with... Continue Reading →

Google Photos Has Become My #1 Photo App

With unlimited backups, advanced photo editing tools, mobile (Android and iOS) and PC apps, web access, easy sharing and search, Google Photos has become my go-to app for organizing and editing my pics. With the added ability to cast your pictures and videos directly to your television via Chromecast, it's a must-have app for any... Continue Reading →

Why I Still Use Allo

I should have a love/hate relationship with Allo, but I don't. Google does a poor job publicizing the app, so it has very few users, and it still doesn't have SMS support.  The sticker packs are nice, but aren't a reason to continue using it, link previews are nice, but they're commonplace in any texting... Continue Reading →

Selfie Stickers in Allo

Made my Allo selfie stickers and wish I could use them outside of Allo, especially since so few people use it. If only Google would incorporate SMS into Allo. Sigh. Get Allo for Android or iOS

Organize Your Life with Spaces

I started using Google Spaces to share news articles with my boyfriend because we got sick of having to search through endless text messages to find a link that had been sent earlier in the day. Adding a space that I share only with him was the perfect way to fix this issue. Since we... Continue Reading →

For those who want to use Allo but are concerned about safety, here is how to use incognito mode within Allo, if you don’t already know. I’ve played with incognito mode but haven’t has reason to use it yet.Allo 101: how to use Incognito Chat

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