Why You Should Not Use Zoom When Taking Pictures

The pitfalls of zooming in to take a picture with a smartphone.

Make Your Photos Pop with Google Photos

Even a budget phone can produce pictures that rival the best premium phone. All you need is to make a few simple adjustments in Google Photos.

Google Photos Has Become My #1 Photo App

With unlimited backups, advanced photo editing tools, mobile (Android and iOS) and PC apps, web access, easy sharing and search, Google Photos has become my go-to app for organizing and editing my pics. With the added ability to cast your pictures and videos directly to your television via Chromecast, it's a must-have app for any... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Editing with Google Photos

Nothing makes editing your photos easier than Google Photos. And if your phone camera isn’t known for taking decent pictures, you know what a good photo editing app can do. As for basic photo editing, I think Google Photos is probably the best out there. It allows you to adjust the colors, light and make... Continue Reading →

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