Page Layout Tips for Self-Published Authors

Follow these page layout tips and your book will look like it came from one of the big publishing houses.


Play Books Grows Up

Although I wasn’t a fan of Play Books when it first came out, it’s now winning me over. Google has now given Play Books the same functionality as its other apps, giving it the same simple and intuitive UI that makes it feel like a Google product. It also brings your eBooks to the cloud... Continue Reading →

Review of PagePlus X6

I can now say that I have used PagePlus X6 to design an ePub file. Although it was easy to do with PagePlus, I found it a bit troubling once I looked at the file in my favorite ePub design program, Sigil. Let me explain and give a few pointers about PagePlus. First off, I... Continue Reading →

Serif PagePlus X6

Last week I picked up a copy of PagePlus X6 and used it to design the cover for the print version of Dammit! by Michele L Montgomery. I found it easy to use for cover design. Now I’m about to design the eBook version of Missing by Drake Braxton (I used InDesign to design the... Continue Reading →

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