Review of PagePlus X6

I can now say that I have used PagePlus X6 to design an ePub file. Although it was easy to do with PagePlus, I found it a bit troubling once I looked at the file in my favorite ePub design program, Sigil. Let me explain and give a few pointers about PagePlus. First off, I... Continue Reading →

Serif PagePlus X6

Last week I picked up a copy of PagePlus X6 and used it to design the cover for the print version of Dammit! by Michele L Montgomery. I found it easy to use for cover design. Now I’m about to design the eBook version of Missing by Drake Braxton (I used InDesign to design the... Continue Reading →

Changes in Publishing

The last I heard from Bert Herman was that he had found a buyer for ASP Wholesale. So now on Queertype I found out that the sale is in fact about to go through. Bert will probably tell everybody once the sale is final, or so I assume. He’s not one to keep people in... Continue Reading →

I had heard Weise left Alyson, but I didn’t know he was launching his own press until yesterday. It will be interesting to see how everything works out for Alyson when they re-launch as an eBook only publisher.Weise Launches New LGBT Indie Press

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