Not All Public Domain E-books Are the Same

Why you might want to think twice before buying that cheap public domain e-book.

Cricket Wireless, a Smart Choice

It's been three weeks since I switched to Cricket Wireless and I'm happy with the service thus far. Having 4 gig of data was freeing, and I sucked it up willy-nilly. I refused to put my Play Music into download only mode, and streamed music in the car; Instagram posts were made on the fly... Continue Reading →

Cricket Wireless v.s. Project Fi

In November of 2015 I switched my mobile carrier from Verizon to Project Fi and have been very pleased with the service and the savings. Since switching, my cell phone bill has been about $30.00/month (between $26 and $32). I've been able to keep my bill low by being careful about data usage, which is... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Goodreads 

I've always seen Goodreads as a poorly designed web site with a very active reading community with a lot to offer...if you search through the menus. A part of the reason for the sloppiness is that Goodreads does a lot more than keep a database of the books you've read. Goodreads allows people to push... Continue Reading →

Love or hate Facebook, they know that they need to change to survive online. Standing still is what killed MySpace and Internet Explorer. People need to see that something is still relevant and willing to improve, change and go with the population wants and needs. Technology is about innovation, which means moving forward.Facebook just changed... Continue Reading →

An exhibit for your inner geek complete with history and nostalgia. People think that technology being a part of our lives is new, then something like this comes along and makes you see it differently.CNET: 40 years of gadgets come out to play

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