Why I Still Love My Pixel XL

Although I love my Pixel XL, it doesn’t stop me from looking at other phones. As we all know, the first generation Pixel phones aren’t the prettiest devices out there. They have top and bottom bezels that made them appear dated even when they were released, and even more so now. What sold the Pixel... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia and Play Music

Over the years my taste in music has changed. When I was a kid, it was The O’Jays, Michael Jackson, Donna summer, Blondie and anything with a big, fun sound that made you want to move. As I hit my twenties, my taste in music changed. The Cocteau Twins, Nina Hagen, Laurie Anderson, Lena Lovich... Continue Reading →

Review: Quicken Mobile

Quicken was first released in 1983 and has been the most popular financial software package since, so it’s only fair that expectations for it are high. I’ve been using it since Windows 3.1, and have seen it grow and become easier to use over the years. I have to say that if it’s properly set-up... Continue Reading →

Cricket Wireless, a Smart Choice

It's been three weeks since I switched to Cricket Wireless and I'm happy with the service thus far. Having 4 gig of data was freeing, and I sucked it up willy-nilly. I refused to put my Play Music into download only mode, and streamed music in the car; Instagram posts were made on the fly... Continue Reading →

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